INDEXO is a bearer of positive change

We help Latvia change upwards. Both at the level of society - improving the financial environment and strengthening the well-being of the population, and at the individual level - helping everyone to ensure a comfortable future for themselves.

Transparency in costs, confidence in choices,
direct language - that's who we are.

We fight for a better financial environment in Latvia!

We found INDEXO and started offering modern 2nd pension pillar plans with low costs
We are championing many positive changes in the pension industry
We are starting to offer 3rd pension pillar plans
We implement the IPO and become a Nasdaq Riga listed company
We attract the largest amount in the last 10 years In Latvia's public stock market, and our shareholder number reaches nearly 6000
The European Central Bank makes a decision to issue a credit institution or bank operating license to INDEXO Bank
We are working to achieve positive changes in the banking sector as well and to establish a new, strong, modern and customer-friendly bank
Fight for a better financial environment in Latvia
A financial services group that strengthens the well-being of Latvian citizens by providing modern, personalized services.
We are eager and loyal to develop Latvian society We are proactive and take action to improve our surroundings We are tolerant and fair to provide equal opportunities We are direct and honest to build long-term relationships based on trust

Our core principles

We achieve positive change

We are a Latvian company and we are fighting for a better financial environment in Latvia. We are focused on the local market and are interested in your wellbeing. If you're earning, we're able to develop too. We are a role model and motivate others to look after customers and improve their services. Even if you're not our customer, you're already benefiting from the changes we've made.

Index approach

We're not trying to guess, we're investing in the biggest companies of more than 1,600 developed countries at low cost. This approach shows the best performance in the sector and has been recognised globally for over 50 years. It is recommended by many famous investors and chosen by local knowledgeable and successful.


No hidden commissions or obscure investments. Subscribe to the news and receive a quarterly reports on the results of the 2nd and 3rd pillar of INDEXO pensions. You will see where we invest, what the costs are, and what the profit is.

Join INDEXO team

If you want to be part of a dynamic team working on shaping the future of the financial market, check out our vacancies. Challenge yourself and join the INDEXO team - together we will improve the financial environment in Latvia!
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2nd pension pillar

6% of your salary is already being saved in 2nd pension pillar. Invest it more effectively with INDEXO.

3rd pension pillar

Make contributions to 3rd pension pillar and save using automated investment system.

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plan for your age


Best for 16-50
year olds!
Volatile, with high profit potential
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INDEXO Izaugsme

Best for 47-57
years olds!
Moderately volatile, with moderately high profit potential
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INDEXO Konservatīvais

Best for 55+!
Stability in the years before retirement
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