INDEXO – for a better
financial environment in Latvia

INDEXO was founded with the aim of improving the financial environment in Latvia.
It was our answer to the then unreasonably high commission fees and
low returns in the pension administration.

INDEXO stands for meaningful action
and positive impact


As a pension manager with a passive asset management strategy, we recognise that we can achieve the greatest impact through our investments. But that's not all - we can also create a positive impact on the environment with digital initiatives and the INDEXO office building.
INDEXO invests using a passive investment strategy, allocating 2nd and 3rd pillar pension assets primarily in low-cost index funds.
In investments INDEXO ensures that the average ESG rating of the 2nd and 3rd pillar pension portfolios is at least at the "A" level.
All INDEXO services are available remotely 24/7. Document circulation in the office and in cooperation with partners and clients is digital.


We care about our relationships with our employees, customers, shareholders, regulators and society. We solve social problems and try to create positive changes in the Latvian financial environment.
We invest in employee professional development, well-being and financial literacy. We implement clear and fair remuneration principles.
Our goal is to maximize retirement savings. We have no hidden commissions or obscure investments. We regularly reduce management commissions, as well as educate about financial literacy topics.
The whole society has already benefited from the positive changes we have achieved in he pension sector. Now we are determined to do the same in the banking sector.


From the very beginning, one of INDEXO's core values has been transparency. After becoming a public company, we continue to improve our corporate governance practices.
At INDEXO, we highly value responsibility and transparency. High ethical standards, meeting the needs of stakeholders and strong risk management are essential for long-term success.
We treat all shareholders and customers equally and are open to questions.

INDEXO ambitions 2023-2027

We strive to continuously develop to create
long-term value for our customers,
shareholders and society as a whole.
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Sustainability at INDEXO Group

In managing the 2nd and 3rd pillar pension plans, we integrate sustainability risks into the investment decision-making process. While adhering to a predominantly passive management strategy and investing pension funds, we do not consider the principal adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors.

INDEXO investment and pension plans

In its investments, INDEXO ensures that the average ESG rating of the 2nd and 3rd pillar pension portfolios is at least at the "A" level..
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2nd pension pillar

6% of your salary is already being saved in 2nd pension pillar. Invest it more effectively with INDEXO.

3rd pension pillar

Make contributions to 3rd pension pillar and save using automated investment system.

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Best for 16-50
year olds!
Volatile, with high profit potential
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INDEXO Izaugsme

Best for 47-57
years olds!
Moderately volatile, with moderately high profit potential
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INDEXO Konservatīvais

Best for 55+!
Stability in the years before retirement
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INDEXO investment and pension plans