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Independent expert opinion on INDEXO share value

Estonian investment research company ENLIGHT Research said in its assessment that INDEXO is in a good position to challenge the commercial banking market.

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Valdis Siksnis
Chairman of the Board
Henrik Karmo 
Member of the Board
Ieva Margeviča 
Member of the Board
Valdis Vancovičs  
Chairman of the Council
Renāts Lokomets
Member of the Council
Toms Kreicbergs
Member of the Council
Svens Dinsdorfs
Member of the Council
Tīna Kukka
Member of the Council
Artūrs Roze
Finance Manager
Roberts Bušs 
Head of Sales
Atis Rektiņš 
Business Analyst
Mārtiņš Strautiņš 
Asset Manager
Edžus Kravalis  
Sales teamlead
Līga Katrīna Kļaviņa 
Operational Risk Manager
Dagnija Auzāne
Customer Relationship Compliance Manager
Krista Antanoviča 
Marketing Specialist
Eva Salmgrieze 
Sales teamlead
Līga Imperoviča
Sales teamlead
Tomass Timermanis  
Sales teamlead
Dagnija Grele 
Sales development specialist
Oskars Gorbants
Sales teamlead
Linda Degle
Sales Assistant
Investor relationship contact
Ieva Margeviča
Board member, Marketing manager
E-mail: ieva.margevica@indexo.lv
Phone: +371 2863 6789