3rd pension pillar

INDEXO 3rd pension pillar is a simple and effective way to increase your pension savings without unnecessary worries and mandatory obligations. In addition, the state pays you extra for saving.

The government pension will provide up to 50% of your last salary before retirement. Will that be enough for you?

Create a profile in a couple of minutes, make deposits and see how your money works. We will take care of the rest.
Make regular contributions and we will invest your money using the index approach that has been recognized worldwide for 50 years.
No hidden commissions - only 0.62% per year. And get a 20% tax refund every year.

How does INDEXO 3rd pension pillar work?

We offer a unique robotic investment. Watch the video and learn more!
Pension calculator

We offer and our customers appreciate

  • the globally recognized index approach for 50 years

  • automated plan for customer needs

  • transparency in costs and performance of plans

  • a user friendly portal to follow what is happening with your retirement savings

and robotic investing

The INDEXO robotic investment system gives you maximum freedom. Leave the allocation of capital between the stock and bond markets to our algorithm – or determine it yourself. The system will take care of the rest.
Pension calculator

Automatic portfolio allocation

Your investments in the stock market will automatically adjust to your age over time.
This means that as retirement age approaches, the risk will decrease — and you won't have to do anything.

Manual portfolio allocation

You control how much to invest in stocks and bonds.
Assess your risk appetite and choose the profit potential that appeals to you.

How to join INDEXO 3rd pension pillar?

Create a profile in a couple of minutes

Make the contributions you want

we recommend setting up regular payment

Follow how your money works

Join us

Get a tax refund on contributions to 3rd pension pillar

For a part that does not exceed 10% of the salary or no more than 4,000 EUR per year, submit an annual income declaration and recover up to 20% of the deposited amount. You will receive a tax refund if you are a VAT (individual income tax) payer.

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3rd pension pillar benefits

The main advantage is the possibility to maintain the usual quality of life even in retirement. Because let's remember - the 1st and 2nd pension pillar, or the state pension, will provide only about half of the usual income.

Voluntary contributions

Pay as much as you want, when you want. Keep in mind that paying regularly improves your chances of earning more in the long run by reducing the risk of market fluctuations and maintaining healthy discipline.

Tax refund

Submit your annual income statement and get back up to 20% of the paid amount.

You can spend from the age of 55

You can withdraw the savings from the age of 55. All at once or in parts. You can also continue to save - everything is up to you.

Capital is inheritable

The accumulated capital can be inherited by the heirs specified in the contract or in accordance with the procedure established by the civil law.

Choose which
product to join

2nd pension pillar

6% of your salary is already being saved in 2nd pension pillar. Invest it more effectively with INDEXO.

3rd pension pillar

Make contributions to 3rd pension pillar and save using automated investment system.

Choose the best
plan for your age


Best for 16-50
year olds!
Volatile, with high profit potential
Documents and conditions

INDEXO Izaugsme

Best for 47-57
years olds!
Moderately volatile, with moderately high profit potential
Documents and conditions

INDEXO Konservatīvais

Best for 55+!
Stability in the years before retirement
Documents and conditions

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Choose an investment plan best for your age
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