Investment plan:

INDEXO Izaugsme 47-57

Suitable for people aged 47-57 who are looking for a safe way to manage
and increase their savings as they slowly approach retirement age.


Plan profile

INDEXO Izaugsme 47–57
"INDEXO Izaugsme 47–57" – the first 2nd pension pillar plan in Latvia, which offered clients investment in index-linked funds
Compared to other INDEXO pension plans, this plan is characterized by moderately high potential returns and also moderately high volatility (risk).
Investment grade bond funds in EUR
Investment grade bond funds in the world
Developed market equity funds
Alternative investment funds
Investment profile – developed market equities, high-quality investment grade bonds, and alternative investment funds
Since the plan's inception, clients have enjoyed strong results
Suitable for investors aged 47-57

What can we provide?

Modern, world-standard investment policy and low costs.
Transparency in both costs and results. Sign up for news and receive an understandable report on the performance of investment plans in your e-mail every quarter.
The highest safety standards.

What are we not promising?

The fairy tale that the value of investments will always skyrocket is a promise that no one can make.
That there will be no falls. Fluctuations are expected in the short term, but remember - in the long term, the world economy is developing.
Immediate results. We save for retirement over several decades, so investment results should be evaluated in the long term.

Main features and documents of the plan

Date of commencement: 3.07.2017

Total management costs

0.47 %
Fund manager's fixed commission: 0.39 %
Custodian bank commission: 0.08 %
Variable commission: 0.00 %
Average annual cost of index funds included in the portfolio: 0.10%. These costs affect the profitability of the investment plan but are not included in the management costs.
Investment in equity funds: up to 50% of assets, with a small portion invested in alternative investment funds.

Other INDEXO investment plans

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INDEXO Konservatīvais
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INDEXO investment committee

Marija Černoštana

A professional with more than 20 years of experience in the financial sector. For many years she led the legal arm of the Financial market in one of Latvia's largest banks. Member of the Management board of IPAS INDEXO.

Artūrs Roze

Financial professional with more than five years of experience in the financial industry. Worked in both large and small companies in Latvia. Member of the Management board of IPAS INDEXO.

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2nd pension pillar

6% of your salary is already being saved in 2nd pension pillar. Invest it more effectively with INDEXO.

3rd pension pillar

Make contributions to 3rd pension pillar and save using automated investment system.

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Best for 16-50
year olds!
Volatile, with high profit potential
Documents and conditions

INDEXO Izaugsme

Best for 47-57
years olds!
Moderately volatile, with moderately high profit potential
Documents and conditions

INDEXO Konservatīvais

Best for 55+!
Stability in the years before retirement
Documents and conditions

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